Sunday, 5 August 2012

Member’s Report – Mid Week Lunch Run

By Rick Wade

July’s mid-week lunch run was shaping up as a TR5 owners get together with the Dobles, Blytons and Wades settling in for lunch at the Injoy Cafe at Gold Creek.  We agreed it was probably a bit too far for the Blacks to travel for a day trip.  We were then joined by Anthony Ockwell and I reckon two TR4s is probably a match for one TR5!

Anyhow, we all enjoyed a good chat over lunch with much of the conversation focused on cycling as both Max and Anthony are still active cyclists.  It was interesting to hear how bike technology has advanced over recent years with the cost of a top of the line road bike matching what we’re paying for our Triumph sports cars!

All in all another enjoyable mid week interlude.

Member’s Report – All British Day at Wakefield Park

By Jack Gault

Once again the annual trip to Goulburn’s Wakefield Park was held in true British weather - very cold and windy, but at least with no rain.  We met at Supercheap Queanbeyan, John Armarego’s TR7V8 was most impressive, showing off his hours of detail work, whereas I took the easy way and drove the Swedish TR.

We were flagged away by a slightly diseased President who wisely went home to bed.  On arrival at Wakefield we found the North’s over from Cootamundra together with a friend, and later Paul and Tessa Burke turned up to view the races.

The All Triumph race had about 15 starters and the Mini’s may have had a few more.  Overall numbers were down this year, but it was easier to chat in the pits to everyone. Once again a fun day out maybe next year it will be warmer!!  

Cheers, Jack Gault.

John's impressive V8

"Killer Glass" radiator hose insert

Eye candy at Wakefield - GT40 and Bolwell Nagari

John Armarego & Jack Gault


Member’s Report – Tidbinbilla Lunch Run

By John McMaster

After wishing Jan a pleasant ride, I tried to fire up the Dolly for the run to the Moon Rock Café at Tidbinbilla Tracking Station, and failed!  Problem number 1.  I suppose after 7 years of infrequent use and multiple re-charges it’s not surprising that the battery wasn’t at its best!  I considered push starting – not a good idea on your own and while the car’s still on the grass; running the Focus over to jump start (possibility of not re-starting) and even running the electric charger out and risk being late!  None of these options were particularly appealing, so I decided to give the TR6 a run.  I’m not proud to admit that this would be the ‘6’s first run for the year and the first since December 7 last! 

After rolling the ‘6 out of the garage, checking tyre pressures, fluid levels and if any Red Backs were still in residence, I finally managed to coax her into life.  While I was under the bonnet, I thought I’d turn the heater tap on rather than use the cable from inside the cabin which is a pain in the b*tt.  Problem number 2.  I was quite surprised at the amount of fluid that decided to immediately escape once I’d turned the tap on!  Needless to say, it was just as quickly turned off.  [Note to self – get a new heater tap].

So having realised that I wasn’t going to have any warmth in the cabin, I decided to put the roof up.  I know, there wasn’t any rain and it really is a no – no to drive a soft top with the roof up unless it is raining, but I’m getting too old!  Problem number 3.  My roof hasn’t been up in over a year (more likely 2) and being about 1 degree, it didn’t want to stretch enough to allow me to clip it in.  Another brain wave – use some hot water to heat it up to stretch it – great idea when you have a less than water proof car!  Problem number 4.  Get a couple of towels to dry the seat before getting a wet b*tt.

Eventually, the ‘6, with me warm and cosy inside the now sealed cabin, rolled into the meeting place, almost on time, where I was joined by Daryl, Rick and Dave, representing almost the full range of the TR series (only missing out on a 2 or 3), with Frank in the Stag and Chris in a modern.  A quick coffee and a chat about the route – over Uriarra or straight out, and off we went, with me leading – Problem number 5.  Look at street signs and follow the right road!  By not following this simple advice lead me into the new suburb of Molonglo, followed of course, by the convoy.  More discussion about which road should get us back on track and eventually we made it!

I had forgotten what a great thing 3rd overdrive is – especially on the nice twisty bits out of the Cotter.  It was a pleasure to be behind the wheel of the ‘6 again and it’s something that I’ve promised myself more of. 

Moon Rock Café provided us all with reasonable food, at a reasonable price and looked after us very well.  A pleasant venue with enough to keep everyone interested.  An uneventful trip home through Point Hut Crossing ended a very nice afternoon.