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Christmas Party - Sunday 9 December

Christmas Party


Sunday 9 December, 12 noon


Springers Rest Cafe, 16-18 Barton Highway, Murrumbateman – from Canberra, follow Barton Highway to Murrumbateman.  Springers Rest is located on the left hand side just prior to the service station.  Ample parking is available at the rear via the side road immediately after the hotel but prior to the service station.


Menu at subsidised rates for members.  3 courses with 3 choices per course  $35.00 members & partners - ($55.00 for non members).


Please respond to either contact by no later than Friday, 30 November


Daryl Mouser                       6291 9309 or 0422 840 748

       Anthony Ockwell                 0418 438 783


Terribly British Day – Sunday 2 December

This annual event is an excellent opportunity to showcase the best of British auto engineering, particularly for our club and our much loved Triumphs.  We have traditionally had a strong showing of a broad range of Triumphs, so let’s maintain that support.  I urge all members to plan ahead and come along with your car(s).

The venue is the Treasury car park off Langton Crescent Parkes.  Unfortunately, the number of available grassed areas is fast diminishing and the potential cost in repairing damage is becoming prohibitive.  This year we have secured exclusive use of the car park for the display.  Visitor parking is available in the nearby car park off Newlands Street.  Set up will be from 8.00am till 9.00am and the display will open to the public from 10.00am till 3.00pm.

Bowler hats will be a feature of the day and the event organisers are encouraging all clubs to support this theme.  Real felt bowler hats will be available at a special discounted price of $10 (compared to a retail price of around $20).  Watch this space for further details on how to purchase hats.

Importantly for our club, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Triumph Spitfire and the Triumph Vitesse .  We plan to feature the Spitfire at our display.  So if you are a Spitfire owner, make every effort to come along with your vehicle.  Let’s not limit ourselves to road going examples.  I know of a few restoration projects underway, so why not consider loading them onto a trailer and bringing them along.  It would be a great opportunity to show the engineering that lies beneath the sporty lines of this classic British sports car.  In addition, I’m looking for a volunteer, preferably a Spitfire owner, to coordinate the Spitfire display.  As well as the cars themselves, it would worthwhile presenting the history of the vehicle, its links to the Triumph Herald, the engineering and its evolution over the several years of production.   Get in touch with me if you’re prepared to take on this role, or failing that, let me have any documents or other material that would be of interest in assembling the display.

Let’s not forget the Vitesse.  Although none are presently listed amongst our members vehicles, it would be great to have one on display on the day.  Contact – Rick Wade (ph 6231 4609, email: )

Mid Week Lunch Run – Wednesday 31 October

We’ll be dining at another local venue this month - the Lookout Red Hill Cafe & Bar.  Sit back and enjoy a tasty lunch with great views over Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra City and beyond.  Meet at the cafe at 12.30pm.  Given that it is a popular venue, I’ll need to make an early reservation, so please let me know by Sunday 28 October if you will be joining us.  Contact – Rick Wade (ph 6231 4609, email: )

Member’s Report – Mid Week Lunch Run - Bushranger Pub

By Rick Wade

The Tinks and Wades along with Trevor Lloyd and Noel Karppinen set off from EPIC for the quick dash along the Federal Highway to Collector where we were met by the Listers who’d travelled across from Cootamundra to join us for lunch.  Anthony Ockwell arrived a short time later, taking a more direct route from Murrumbateman.  A fine selection of Triumphs (2500S, 2.5PI. Stag and Spitfire) lined up opposite the Bushranger Hotel.

A leisurely lunch in the beer garden provided an opportunity to talk Triumphs and catch up with Marian and Ian Lister.  The Bushranger Hotel is a typical no-frills country pub serving reasonably priced meals - a possible option for a Sunday run in the future.

Anthony and the Wades opted for the long route home via Gunning and Gundaroo.  This is certainly a more enjoyable drive than the highway, although meeting an oncoming truck on the single lane of bitumen from Collector to Gunning can set the heart racing!

Trevor Lloyd, Anthony Ockwell and Rick Wade

Brian Tink, Noel Karppinen and Ian Lister

Diane Wade with Jan Tink

Marion Lister and Trevor Lloyd

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mid Week Lunch Run – Wednesday 26 September

September’s run takes us out along the Federal Highway, past Lake George to the recently re-opened Bushranger Hotel at Collector.  Regular midweek lunch fare is homemade pizzas but a more extensive menu could be on offer if we have a reasonable number of diners and can give the hotel early warning!  Therefore I’ll be looking for some idea of numbers at our next club meeting on Monday 17 September.  In any case, please let me know by Sunday 23 September if you plan to attend – late starters always welcome!  Contact – Rick Wade (ph 6231 4609, email: )

Break the Ice Breakfast Run

By John McMaster

It’s not often that our event planning works out so well.  A beautiful Canberra winter morning of -3 greeted us as we assembled for the run to Murray’s Corner on the banks of Paddys River where we were able to actually find some ice to break – albeit on the back of Geoff Jenkins Ute, but at least it lived up to its name.  It was cold enough for Daryl Mouser to make some temporary shrouding for the TR7 in an attempt to get it warm.  Not too sure if he was successful though….

A brief detour on the way to Cooleman Court to collect our Cootamundra contingent [Kay and Allan North and Margaret and John Hall] who were staying in Woden, meant I was only a few minutes late for the appointed assembly time.  That turned out to be only a minor delay compared to the wait at the supermarket check-out.  Apparently only one lady was available as all others had called in sick and I refuse to use self serve!  Anyway, the minor delay meant that the sun was well and truly up and we made good time to the Cotter.

John Hall’s Stag was suffering from a dose of dirty fuel and failed to make the rise out of the Cotter.  A brief stop on the side of the road to clean the fuel lines and we were soon off again trying to catch the convoy of 3 other Stags [Jack and Jenny Gault, Peter Hall with Julia and Rebecca and Allan Caldwell], Daryl’s TR7, an XK6 Jag (honorary Triumph for the day, courtesy of Kay and Allan North) and a raft of moderns [Geoff’s SS Ute, Chris Gallagher’s Focus XR5 and Dave Rogers' Passat oiler].

John’s Stag on the Cotter Bridge before failing to proceed!

Our once pristine picnic ground at Murrays Corner has been washed away!  We made do by setting up in the gravel car-park and using the surviving stone wall as a seat.  Let’s hope that the Government invests some time and money into refurbishing this great little area.

Another feast on the way
After many accolades to the cooks, second sittings for those inclined and a visit from a pair of very attractive cyclists (my wife Jan and her friend) we decided enough was enough and headed home.  It was great to see Allan Caldwell’s Stag on its maiden Club run and thanks also to the Coota contingent for taking the time to come over and join us for a chilly breakfast.  I’m looking forward to a trip to their neck of the woods in the near future.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Member’s Report – Mid Week Lunch Run

By Rick Wade

July’s mid-week lunch run was shaping up as a TR5 owners get together with the Dobles, Blytons and Wades settling in for lunch at the Injoy Cafe at Gold Creek.  We agreed it was probably a bit too far for the Blacks to travel for a day trip.  We were then joined by Anthony Ockwell and I reckon two TR4s is probably a match for one TR5!

Anyhow, we all enjoyed a good chat over lunch with much of the conversation focused on cycling as both Max and Anthony are still active cyclists.  It was interesting to hear how bike technology has advanced over recent years with the cost of a top of the line road bike matching what we’re paying for our Triumph sports cars!

All in all another enjoyable mid week interlude.

Member’s Report – All British Day at Wakefield Park

By Jack Gault

Once again the annual trip to Goulburn’s Wakefield Park was held in true British weather - very cold and windy, but at least with no rain.  We met at Supercheap Queanbeyan, John Armarego’s TR7V8 was most impressive, showing off his hours of detail work, whereas I took the easy way and drove the Swedish TR.

We were flagged away by a slightly diseased President who wisely went home to bed.  On arrival at Wakefield we found the North’s over from Cootamundra together with a friend, and later Paul and Tessa Burke turned up to view the races.

The All Triumph race had about 15 starters and the Mini’s may have had a few more.  Overall numbers were down this year, but it was easier to chat in the pits to everyone. Once again a fun day out maybe next year it will be warmer!!  

Cheers, Jack Gault.

John's impressive V8

"Killer Glass" radiator hose insert

Eye candy at Wakefield - GT40 and Bolwell Nagari

John Armarego & Jack Gault


Member’s Report – Tidbinbilla Lunch Run

By John McMaster

After wishing Jan a pleasant ride, I tried to fire up the Dolly for the run to the Moon Rock Café at Tidbinbilla Tracking Station, and failed!  Problem number 1.  I suppose after 7 years of infrequent use and multiple re-charges it’s not surprising that the battery wasn’t at its best!  I considered push starting – not a good idea on your own and while the car’s still on the grass; running the Focus over to jump start (possibility of not re-starting) and even running the electric charger out and risk being late!  None of these options were particularly appealing, so I decided to give the TR6 a run.  I’m not proud to admit that this would be the ‘6’s first run for the year and the first since December 7 last! 

After rolling the ‘6 out of the garage, checking tyre pressures, fluid levels and if any Red Backs were still in residence, I finally managed to coax her into life.  While I was under the bonnet, I thought I’d turn the heater tap on rather than use the cable from inside the cabin which is a pain in the b*tt.  Problem number 2.  I was quite surprised at the amount of fluid that decided to immediately escape once I’d turned the tap on!  Needless to say, it was just as quickly turned off.  [Note to self – get a new heater tap].

So having realised that I wasn’t going to have any warmth in the cabin, I decided to put the roof up.  I know, there wasn’t any rain and it really is a no – no to drive a soft top with the roof up unless it is raining, but I’m getting too old!  Problem number 3.  My roof hasn’t been up in over a year (more likely 2) and being about 1 degree, it didn’t want to stretch enough to allow me to clip it in.  Another brain wave – use some hot water to heat it up to stretch it – great idea when you have a less than water proof car!  Problem number 4.  Get a couple of towels to dry the seat before getting a wet b*tt.

Eventually, the ‘6, with me warm and cosy inside the now sealed cabin, rolled into the meeting place, almost on time, where I was joined by Daryl, Rick and Dave, representing almost the full range of the TR series (only missing out on a 2 or 3), with Frank in the Stag and Chris in a modern.  A quick coffee and a chat about the route – over Uriarra or straight out, and off we went, with me leading – Problem number 5.  Look at street signs and follow the right road!  By not following this simple advice lead me into the new suburb of Molonglo, followed of course, by the convoy.  More discussion about which road should get us back on track and eventually we made it!

I had forgotten what a great thing 3rd overdrive is – especially on the nice twisty bits out of the Cotter.  It was a pleasure to be behind the wheel of the ‘6 again and it’s something that I’ve promised myself more of. 

Moon Rock Café provided us all with reasonable food, at a reasonable price and looked after us very well.  A pleasant venue with enough to keep everyone interested.  An uneventful trip home through Point Hut Crossing ended a very nice afternoon.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Following our AGM in September, John Armarego will provide a presentation on after market fuel injection and computers as fitted to his highly modified TR8 and to other Triumphs.  John is a long time member of the Club and has a wealth of experience in Triumph modifications, particularly the Rover/Leyland V8's.  John's current TR8 is capable of in excess of 500 bhp which John admits is a little too much!  

This promises to be an entertaining and educational presentation that you shouldn't miss.  

AGM will be at 7.30 followed by John's presentation and the September general meeting, at the Deakin Sports Club, Grose Street, Deakin.  All welcome.   


Come to our August general meeting for a presentation from David Snape, representing IAG Insurance and find out all those interesting things that make up our premiums, who IAG represent and their future growth areas.  Meet at the Deakin Sports Club, Grose Street Deakin at 7.30pm where David will give his presentation prior to our general meeting.  All welcome

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Triumphs in Brisbane

by Chris Doble
Dianne and I have just returned from a driving trip to Brisbane where we spent a lovely three weeks with our daughter Rachel.  Our sight-seeing included, The Mummy Exhibition, the South Bank, Brisy River, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.
I was sitting in my shorts and T shirt watching the Block on TV.  The temperature was 10 degrees and I noted the temp back in Canberra was minus six with I suspect an even greater chill factor that was not mentioned.  Somewhat bored with the TV I was pondering what to do with tomorrows “freedom day” because Rachel was going to work and Dianne needed a rest from the travel.  An idea popped into my head.
Greg Tunstall Mechanical has advertised quite a lot in our magazine and has done quite a number of jobs for our club members.  On the Thursday, I gate-crashed the Greg Tunstall Mechanical Workshop in Cleveland which is about 30 K south of Brisy CBD.  I had no particular agenda, -just was curious to see what was happening in his Triumph world.

Here is Greg Tunstall.  We had a lovely discussion about various Triumphs of interest including my TR5 and Max’s TR5.  Being so rare Greg was surprised when I boasted our club has four TR5s.  Greg invited me back on the following Monday to have a ride in a client’s TR5 that he has been adjusting and fine tuning the Lucas fuel injection on.

When I arrived back after the weekend I had to wait while the apprentice washed the car.  While I was waiting a mechanic in the workshop commented that it is very difficult to see where any more money could be spent to improve this particular car.  Greg put the value of the car at over $100,000 and reckoned close on that if not more had been spent on it.  He didn’t say if that amount of money was spent with him and I didn’t ask.

Some of the specs I remember were: Bored out to 2.7 litres, Nissan E3 pistons, secret weapon- Greg Tunstall designed cam shaft, overhead throttle linkages, rewired with modern relays and fuse panels and up rated alternator.

The Bosch fuel pump was hidden under the left rear guard which allowed for extra cooling.  An obvious additional advantage of this placement is the reduction of fuel fumes in the boot.  The fuel pump had an extras heat-sink arrangement to help keep the fuel cool. Greg had built a close ratio gear box and fitted it to the overdrive.  Datsun half shafts had been added to a limited slip diff. The suspension had been lowered by an inch and rear telescopic shockers had been fitted.  Wheels were a bit wider at 205-65-15.  Brakes were larger vented disks.
Creature comforts included a customised fully integrated air conditioner, head rests added to the original bucket seats and pump-up lumbar supports.  As a passenger I can attest that the car drove and handled quite well.  Obviously being a customer’s car it was not driven near the limit of its capabilities.  The experience and above description does demonstrate what can be done if the resources are made available to the task.

Here is a photo of Dave Rogers’s TR6 metering unit ready for bench testing the flow rates.

Greg did tell me that he has been researching ways of combining modern electronic engine management systems with the Lucas fuel injection.  A challenge he is looking at is how to reduce fuel supply at the lower rev range for street cars as distinct from high volume setups for racing cars.
Here is a photo of an electric power steering unit for a Stag.  Greg said that it could be adapted to fit any English car and that it can be a lot cheaper option than fitting hydraulic power steering.
From Greg Tunstall’s I went to nearby Rabe Beach from where the ferries proceed to Stradbroke Island.  A strong sea breeze was blowing and the sea was really rough.  The sea gulls didn’t seem to mind the weather they just kept flying in squabbling over my lunch (fish and chips I tossed onto the beach) and flying out.  I put a jumper on over my T shirt I think the temp was about 15 degrees by now being mid-afternoon.  I spared a thought for those folk back in Canberra.  Now I’m home.  Hay we’ve passed the winter solstice and are travelling back towards the sun.  Things should only get warmer – I hope so and soon.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Member’s Report – Mid Week Lunch Runs

By Rick Wade

Mid Week Lunch Runs – May & June

Three white Stags and a nice deep blue TR4 departed the National Dinosaur Museum car park for a smooth trip along the Barton and Hume Highways and
Burley Griffin Way
to the twin town of Harden-Murrumburrah.  When I say three white Stags I should add that white ain’t white – there was a distinct variation in the shades of white on these three cars!

Anyhow, Stag occupants Brian & Jan, Dave & Tora and Rick & Diane along with John & Graeme in Graeme’s TR4 enjoyed a trouble free run to the Terracotta Café where we met up with Ian & Marion and Peter & Kay who’d driven across from Cootamundra.

Our Irish hosts served an enjoyable lunch and good coffee as we settled in for a long chat – forgetting that most of us had a long drive home.  It was great to catch up with our Coota friends.  Maintaining a connection with our Cootamundra members is important and Peter & Kay hope to visit Canberra for our Break the Ice Breakfast Run in August.

We all enjoyed a safe trip back to Canberra.

Diners at the Terracotta Café, Murrumburrah

We faced a rather chilly day in late June for an outdoor lunch at Biginelli’s Italian cafe in Kambah.  The portable gas heater took some of the chill off, but warm clothes were the order of the day.  Two Triumphs graced the car park (Graeme’s Stag and Rick’s TR5) and captured the attention of a few of the locals.

Noel & Heather, Rick & Diane, Graeme and Chris all huddled around the heater and enjoyed the freshly cooked Italian fare on offer – good tucker and coffee at very reasonable prices.  The staff certainly went out of their way to make us welcome.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Member’s Report – Narooma Weekend


Anthony Ockwell

ON FRIDAY 4 MAY, twelve members of our Club journeyed east to celebrate the Narooma Oyster Festival.  The forward contingent, comprising Brian and Jan Tink (Stag), Rick and Diane Wade (Stag), Trevor and Betsy Lloyd (2000 Sedan) and Anthony and Susan Ockwell (Stag) met at Bungendore at 10:00 for a leisurely cruise to the coast.  Morning tea was enjoyed at the Braidwood Bakery which allowed time to regroup before heading down the Clyde.

With a petrol stop at Bateman’s Bay and casual look at Mogo, where we were joined by Bob and Janet Temperly in their TR3A.  We dropped into Tuross for lunch at the boat house overlooking the lake.  The superb afternoon autumn sun shone gently across the Lake as we sat at the café and chatted over a very relaxing lunch.  Bob and Janet returned to Batemans Bay while the rest of us continued onto Narooma.  We arrived at the Motel around 4:30 and were made to feel very welcome again by the owners Michael and Rochelle.

Cars lined up at Tuross

We adjourned to the Narooma Golf Club for dinner, where we were joined by Daryl and Jill Mouser following their later departure from Canberra.  With some quick footwork by Festival organisers at the Golf Club, we were asked to show the Triumphs at the Festival the next day.

Lunch - Boathouse Café, Tuross Heads

Judith and Tony Dorrell joined the team after dinner to make up the full contingent for the weekend.  Saturday was abuzz with early activity as we dropped the cars at the main gate to the Festival.

We then proceeded to the local fish market to stock up with a range of fresh seafood for what would be a memorable BBQ dinner that evening.  The weather was just perfect for the Festival as we wandered around the stalls, enjoying the atmosphere.  The food options were plentiful, but oysters were the order of the day.  The pace of the day was very relaxed, with the mood taking us as we went – coffee here, shops for some, just sitting and enjoying each other’s company for anyone who wished to join in.

Our cars at the main entrance.

We collected our cars around 4:00pm and were bowled over by the appreciation expressed by the organisers for contributing to the day.  The cars commanded much interest and apparently added to the day’s activities.

For dinner, we converted Ockwell’s room to a café for the evening with preparations taking place both outside (BBQ – thanks to Trevor and Rick for their cooking; Tony, Daryl, Brian and Anthony gave solid support to the chefs) and inside (great salads and side-dishes prepared by the ladies).  Overall, great teamwork delivered an outstanding evening.

Sunday dawned another magnificent south coast day. Breakfast had been arranged at the Beach café overlooking Narooma Surf Beach. Again, another very casual occasion with good conversation and great company.

Oyster Festival Group – enjoying the Oyster Festival

The return home took us via Central Tilba, Bemboka, Nimmitabel, and Cooma. Central Tilba became the focal point for cheese, a few craft purchases, etc, before heading onto Cobargo for a few more craft and leather shops.  The trip from Cobargo up Brown Mountain to Nimmitabel shows off some wonderful scenery; a late lunch stop was made at Nimmitabel before returning home.

Chefs in Action – Trevor and Rick preparing the seafood gourmet

Breakfast El Presidente – President enjoying a relaxing breakfast preparing his next report for the magazine

Breakfast – Group at Beach Cafe, Narooma

Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend, helped by great weather, wonderful company and an incident free trip.  The local Festival organisers, motel owners, the Golf Club and the Beach Café all extended a very warm “return” welcome building on our visit last year.  In all respects, the Club was greeted with open arms and appreciated for the support given to the Festival and the local community.

We have been asked to make it again in 2013, and the effort is certainly rewarded.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Website Overhaul

There a few changes happening to the Triumph Car Club ACT Inc website to hopefully make the website more up to date and more accessible to members. The home page news is actually coming from a blog - - and the calendar of events is coming from a Google Calendar. This should hopefully allow a range of members to update the site and keep it current.