Sunday, 14 October 2012

Christmas Party - Sunday 9 December

Christmas Party


Sunday 9 December, 12 noon


Springers Rest Cafe, 16-18 Barton Highway, Murrumbateman – from Canberra, follow Barton Highway to Murrumbateman.  Springers Rest is located on the left hand side just prior to the service station.  Ample parking is available at the rear via the side road immediately after the hotel but prior to the service station.


Menu at subsidised rates for members.  3 courses with 3 choices per course  $35.00 members & partners - ($55.00 for non members).


Please respond to either contact by no later than Friday, 30 November


Daryl Mouser                       6291 9309 or 0422 840 748

       Anthony Ockwell                 0418 438 783


Terribly British Day – Sunday 2 December

This annual event is an excellent opportunity to showcase the best of British auto engineering, particularly for our club and our much loved Triumphs.  We have traditionally had a strong showing of a broad range of Triumphs, so let’s maintain that support.  I urge all members to plan ahead and come along with your car(s).

The venue is the Treasury car park off Langton Crescent Parkes.  Unfortunately, the number of available grassed areas is fast diminishing and the potential cost in repairing damage is becoming prohibitive.  This year we have secured exclusive use of the car park for the display.  Visitor parking is available in the nearby car park off Newlands Street.  Set up will be from 8.00am till 9.00am and the display will open to the public from 10.00am till 3.00pm.

Bowler hats will be a feature of the day and the event organisers are encouraging all clubs to support this theme.  Real felt bowler hats will be available at a special discounted price of $10 (compared to a retail price of around $20).  Watch this space for further details on how to purchase hats.

Importantly for our club, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Triumph Spitfire and the Triumph Vitesse .  We plan to feature the Spitfire at our display.  So if you are a Spitfire owner, make every effort to come along with your vehicle.  Let’s not limit ourselves to road going examples.  I know of a few restoration projects underway, so why not consider loading them onto a trailer and bringing them along.  It would be a great opportunity to show the engineering that lies beneath the sporty lines of this classic British sports car.  In addition, I’m looking for a volunteer, preferably a Spitfire owner, to coordinate the Spitfire display.  As well as the cars themselves, it would worthwhile presenting the history of the vehicle, its links to the Triumph Herald, the engineering and its evolution over the several years of production.   Get in touch with me if you’re prepared to take on this role, or failing that, let me have any documents or other material that would be of interest in assembling the display.

Let’s not forget the Vitesse.  Although none are presently listed amongst our members vehicles, it would be great to have one on display on the day.  Contact – Rick Wade (ph 6231 4609, email: )

Mid Week Lunch Run – Wednesday 31 October

We’ll be dining at another local venue this month - the Lookout Red Hill Cafe & Bar.  Sit back and enjoy a tasty lunch with great views over Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra City and beyond.  Meet at the cafe at 12.30pm.  Given that it is a popular venue, I’ll need to make an early reservation, so please let me know by Sunday 28 October if you will be joining us.  Contact – Rick Wade (ph 6231 4609, email: )

Member’s Report – Mid Week Lunch Run - Bushranger Pub

By Rick Wade

The Tinks and Wades along with Trevor Lloyd and Noel Karppinen set off from EPIC for the quick dash along the Federal Highway to Collector where we were met by the Listers who’d travelled across from Cootamundra to join us for lunch.  Anthony Ockwell arrived a short time later, taking a more direct route from Murrumbateman.  A fine selection of Triumphs (2500S, 2.5PI. Stag and Spitfire) lined up opposite the Bushranger Hotel.

A leisurely lunch in the beer garden provided an opportunity to talk Triumphs and catch up with Marian and Ian Lister.  The Bushranger Hotel is a typical no-frills country pub serving reasonably priced meals - a possible option for a Sunday run in the future.

Anthony and the Wades opted for the long route home via Gunning and Gundaroo.  This is certainly a more enjoyable drive than the highway, although meeting an oncoming truck on the single lane of bitumen from Collector to Gunning can set the heart racing!

Trevor Lloyd, Anthony Ockwell and Rick Wade

Brian Tink, Noel Karppinen and Ian Lister

Diane Wade with Jan Tink

Marion Lister and Trevor Lloyd

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mid Week Lunch Run – Wednesday 26 September

September’s run takes us out along the Federal Highway, past Lake George to the recently re-opened Bushranger Hotel at Collector.  Regular midweek lunch fare is homemade pizzas but a more extensive menu could be on offer if we have a reasonable number of diners and can give the hotel early warning!  Therefore I’ll be looking for some idea of numbers at our next club meeting on Monday 17 September.  In any case, please let me know by Sunday 23 September if you plan to attend – late starters always welcome!  Contact – Rick Wade (ph 6231 4609, email: )

Break the Ice Breakfast Run

By John McMaster

It’s not often that our event planning works out so well.  A beautiful Canberra winter morning of -3 greeted us as we assembled for the run to Murray’s Corner on the banks of Paddys River where we were able to actually find some ice to break – albeit on the back of Geoff Jenkins Ute, but at least it lived up to its name.  It was cold enough for Daryl Mouser to make some temporary shrouding for the TR7 in an attempt to get it warm.  Not too sure if he was successful though….

A brief detour on the way to Cooleman Court to collect our Cootamundra contingent [Kay and Allan North and Margaret and John Hall] who were staying in Woden, meant I was only a few minutes late for the appointed assembly time.  That turned out to be only a minor delay compared to the wait at the supermarket check-out.  Apparently only one lady was available as all others had called in sick and I refuse to use self serve!  Anyway, the minor delay meant that the sun was well and truly up and we made good time to the Cotter.

John Hall’s Stag was suffering from a dose of dirty fuel and failed to make the rise out of the Cotter.  A brief stop on the side of the road to clean the fuel lines and we were soon off again trying to catch the convoy of 3 other Stags [Jack and Jenny Gault, Peter Hall with Julia and Rebecca and Allan Caldwell], Daryl’s TR7, an XK6 Jag (honorary Triumph for the day, courtesy of Kay and Allan North) and a raft of moderns [Geoff’s SS Ute, Chris Gallagher’s Focus XR5 and Dave Rogers' Passat oiler].

John’s Stag on the Cotter Bridge before failing to proceed!

Our once pristine picnic ground at Murrays Corner has been washed away!  We made do by setting up in the gravel car-park and using the surviving stone wall as a seat.  Let’s hope that the Government invests some time and money into refurbishing this great little area.

Another feast on the way
After many accolades to the cooks, second sittings for those inclined and a visit from a pair of very attractive cyclists (my wife Jan and her friend) we decided enough was enough and headed home.  It was great to see Allan Caldwell’s Stag on its maiden Club run and thanks also to the Coota contingent for taking the time to come over and join us for a chilly breakfast.  I’m looking forward to a trip to their neck of the woods in the near future.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Member’s Report – Mid Week Lunch Run

By Rick Wade

July’s mid-week lunch run was shaping up as a TR5 owners get together with the Dobles, Blytons and Wades settling in for lunch at the Injoy Cafe at Gold Creek.  We agreed it was probably a bit too far for the Blacks to travel for a day trip.  We were then joined by Anthony Ockwell and I reckon two TR4s is probably a match for one TR5!

Anyhow, we all enjoyed a good chat over lunch with much of the conversation focused on cycling as both Max and Anthony are still active cyclists.  It was interesting to hear how bike technology has advanced over recent years with the cost of a top of the line road bike matching what we’re paying for our Triumph sports cars!

All in all another enjoyable mid week interlude.